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What Will Suite Me

What Will Suit Me

Round – A round face has wide cheeks with softer corners around the forehead and the jaw-line. Hair styles work best that add length and can make your face shape appear longer than it is.
Square – A square face shape has a wide jaw-line and wide forehead. For this face shape, opt for a hairstyle that adds volume at the top with less volume as it tapers down on the sides.
Heart Shaped – A heart shaped face has a wide forehead and narrow cheeks, jawbones and chin. The best hairstyle for a heart shaped face would be with a fringe and a blunt cut to the jaw-line. Try not to go too long with styles.
Oval/ Long – An oval/ Long face shape has cheekbones that are slightly wider than the forehead and the chin. If you have this face shape you can carry off any hairstyle – long, short, medium, curly, straight etc.
How to find your face shape
Stand with your hair tied back off your face in front of a bathroom mirror with good lighting.
Now with a bar of soap/washable pen outline your reflection of your face in the mirror. Try to stay in one place as you do so, or alternatively get a friend to draw it for you.
Step back and compare the outline to the face shapes mentioned above.

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